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Tootsie the Tortoise
Tootsie got the hang of her tortoise door right off the bat. When I got home yesterday afternoon she was outside roaming around in her pen. When she was back inside for bed I was able to close up the opening of her heated pen with the woodblock I use and the door was not an interference. Then this morning when I removed the wood block, the new tortoise door was blocking the cold air from coming in. It felt good driving to work this morning knowing that the door was not letting the morning cold air in. And that Tootsie can get out anytime she wants to when the day warms up. I love it. Thank you very much.
---Linda of Albuquerque

I am thrilled to be the Doggie Door Company's first client. The dog door that was installed is just fantastic. I had never installed a dog door before and was concerned I might ruin our back door. Having it installed by a licensed contractor gave me peace of mind. Thanks for the excellent service and good luck!
---John J. of Albuquerque

Thanks so much for a great job on the doggie door! We know it was a tricky installation on our sliding glass door. How nice that Beau and Simba come and go without scratching or crying anymore!
--- Debbie and Tony of Albuquerque

Our precious little Putter has been such a blessing and so has the "Doggie Door" that was installed. Can't imagine how we could have managed without either one!
--- Van and Lore of Albuquerque

We needed a dog door because at the end of my pregnancy, it was too hard for me to be going up and down the stairs to let the dogs out all the time. Doggie Door Company worked with us to design and install just what we wanted. Rolly and Amber caught on quickly and now they love their door!
--- Raina and Steve of Albuquerque

The Doggie Door Company has done a FABULOUS job with the sale and installation of our pet door! WE LOVE IT! The old door was letting in lots of cold air and letting out precious heat. The Doggie Door Company ordered and received the pet door within days of my phone call. Once the exterior door was set up to be installed, the Doggie Door Company came the same day for the installation! By that night, we had a WARM utility room. It was an incredible change! The four dogs and I hihgly recommend the Doggie Door Company and the Hale security pet door.
--- Marsha D. of Albuquerque

I am writing to commend the Doggie Door Company on a wonderful job they did on installing the doggie door through our kitchen wall. I sincerely appreciated the time they took to visit my home and discuss the number of options available. Once a decision was made, they made me feel really comfortable about the choice of door, the work that would take place, and the time it would take to install the door. The Doggie Door Company then called me to confirm the date we had chosen for the install. They showed up exactly on time. They made the hole in the wall and installed a superior dog door (especially loved the carpeting), and all of this was done in exactly the time frame they said it would be. Not only was the right product delivered on time, but everything they said they would do happened. Thank you again for a job really well done.
--- Virginia R. of Albuquerque

Just wanted to let you know we love our door. This has given Bailey, Penny, and Chuck freedom!!! The Doggie Door Company's installer, Ken, did a wonderful job of installation. Thank you.
--- Patti S. of Albuquerque